• NATURAL HEALTH REMEDY. The Weighted Blanket is a comfortable solution for relaxation and sleep. The Weighted Blanket offers an all-natural feeling that can simulate the feeling of being held or hugged. The Proper Weighted Blanket may also help with the regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Physiological functions such as blood pressure and heart rate are proven to be affected when you sleep.
  • CALMS BODY AND MIND. Using the Weighted Blanket might help to switch the autonomic nervous system to “rest” mode, encouraging the heart rate to slow and the muscles to relax. It may also promote the release of endorphins (“happy hormones”), and bring a sense of peace and calm to the body and mind.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED. Peer reviewed scientific research supports a broad range of health benefits with the use of weighted blankets. Think of how rejuvenating a hug feels. It can immediately give you an overall sense of well-being. Now imagine how wonderful you’d feel after being wrapped up in a delightful Weighted Blanket for a period of time where you can relax, and calm down your body and mind, helping you rest and calm externally and internally.
  • DESIGNED FOR UNIFORM COMFORT. The Weighted Blanket features sterilized micro glass beads uniformly distributed throughout the blanket to ensure balanced weight distribution to the blanket. Our method of manufacturing takes into consideration the importance that these beads are woven into the pillow fill making them virtually noiseless. Offering quiet comfort to the user.
  • To keep your blanket in tip-top shape, wash separately, in a cool wash with gentle detergent (no chlorine bleach or fabric softener) and either hang dry or tumble dry on low.

Weighted Blanket


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